Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Road to Your Future (photo poem)

When you first start out
On the road to your future,
It may seem easy at first.
Birds will beautifully sing
Deer will elegantly play
Trees will grow, big and tall
Just as you do on your way.

But it will not always be that way,
Not all cheery and bright
Life is not perfect
Just like the road beyond your sight.
The road will have many
Dips and dives like a roller coaster
As your life goes on
Because nobody can have a perfect life,
And things will just start to get hard.

As you look around you will see,
Everything is not the same.
Trees are dismantled
And dead.
Ashes crawl
Into your nose
Making you want to cough.
This place is horrible,
And you wish you could go back,
But once you’ve started on this journey,
You cannot travel back
and you notice the road behind is gone.
So you decide to travel on
No matter how bad it gets,
You still have to live on.

You look up and see
Dancers that are trees.
They sway and sway
This and that way,
They just won’t stop,
Like a joyful kid going to play
You have finally reached your own future
On a path that took you your own way.

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