Friday, September 29, 2017

The Man in the Stone

There once was a man who sat in stone. He is the ruler of everybody from his kingdom. The townspeople did not doubt him, or disagree with him, because they believed that if they do, he would send meteors from the sky to get them.
 The man in the stone couldn’t do much. He could talk, see, sneeze, hear, and breathe. That’s it, but people still didn’t doubt him. He was meaner then he seemed, and he seemed really mean. The townspeople couldn’t talk about him unless they were talking to him, because he could everything with his giant ears. The man in the stone should have been feared, and he was.
He was the man that could control everything. Nobody knew how he did it, because he never shared his secrets. You’d have to make sure you know what you’re doing if you show up in this kingdom. If you didn’t, there were consequences. Most of the normal townspeople misunderstood the man in the stone. They never dared to actually say it out loud though. The people all knew what the man in the stone was capable of.
 The only thing the man in the stone couldn’t do was move. The man in the stone was completely and utterly unable to move. That still did not stop him from doing what he wanted. If there were people he didn’t like, or assumed that they would disobey him, he would destroy their houses, and kick them out.
 The townspeople were all confused by the sight of the man of the stone when he appeared. Later on in their lives, the people started to realize what he could do. They all became very frightened of the man in the stone. They very well should have been, knowing what he could do.
 The man in the stone wasn’t afraid of anything. Except the thought of all of the townspeople trying to overpower him all at once. Other than being scared of that, he is fearless. Some townspeople knew it to, as well as knowing he was ruthless.

 If only the man in the stone were still here. What would life be like? Nobody will ever find out now, because he left, left to a place where people see him as art, and not as the terrifying ruler that he once was long ago.

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