Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Grandpa - Descriptive Essay

There is only one person in this world that can make me laugh or smile no matter what. That person would be my grandpa. He always knows exactly what to do to make someone smile. He makes me laugh a thousand times a day. He is the coolest grandpa ever. He might not be able to run and throw a baseball, but he still can get down to some hip-hop. He tries to make everyone else happy, because that’s the thing that makes him the happiest. He is the best.
My grandpa has gray, messy hair that he can almost never tame. His old eyes tell stories. They have seen a lot. His amazing smile never fades. His long arms are covered in scars, from when he was in the army. The button-up shirts he wears suits him very well. His legs, covered, but still battered, still work fine. His shoes are his favorite, maybe because they are the only ones that are big enough actually fit his feet.
My grandpa’s sense of humor never dies. He’s as funny as people can get. He could be the funniest man on Earth. Behind Jim Carrey of course. He always randomly says something that sounds like it could be a word, but never is. It’s as random as how they pick the number for bingo. It always makes me laugh when he does this. He doesn’t do it because he has a problem, he usually does it when it’s quiet and he wants people to laugh and talk. He loves listening to other people’s stories. He loves hearing how relatives are doing and how his friends are doing. He is really a super kind-hearted man. He can be like a monkey though, funny most of the time, but serious when he needs to be.
When I got attacked by my friend’s dog, I had to get stitches. My grandpa was the first person to call me afterwards to make sure I was ok. When my brother, my grandpa, and I got into a roll-over car accident, he got a bump on his head from hitting the roof. He still asked my brother and I if we were ok and got us out of the car first before he even checking to see if he had all of his limbs. He cares more about his family than he does himself. Now if that isn’t selfless man, I don’t know what would be.
            I find that my grandpa and I are kind of the same person. I care about my friends and family

 more than I do about myself. I always ask my friends if they are ok if something happens to them, 

and if one of my friends are sad, I’m always there to help them and ask if they want to talk about it

My grandpa and I are like best-friends. I don’t know what I would do without him, and he doesn’t 

know what he would do without me. He’s my hero.

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